Leadership Explosion

The 2020 Leadership explosion was spectacular this year!  We are excited to share our East Ohio District NYI Honor Rating System Results with all of you. This helps all of our churches reflect over the year on where we can improve, continue building , supporting, charting new territory and helping together to build God's Kingdom for his GLORY!  We also are excited to share and our newly elected  District NYI Leadership Council, to help guide and encourage everyone one through years to come.

2020-2021 EO District NYI

Honor Rating System Results



  • Due to Covid Restrictions we delayed the rating until next year. Churches have been awesome in adjusting to Covid and doing everything
    they can to keep in touch and push forward sharing God's Word with our Youth. So you are all winners not just on our EO District but in your teens and especially in Gods eyes for enduring the unknown and leading others to Christ.

EO NYI Council Year May 2021 - 20222


  • President: Larry Ritterbeck (2 yr term 2020-2022)

  • Vice President: Sam Beil (2 yr term 2021-2023)

  • Members-at-Large (2 yr term)

    • Brian Daniels - (2020-2022)

    • Damon Spurgeon - (2020-2022)

    • Lora Taggart - (2020-2022)

    • Jarred Black - (2021-2023)

    • Keith Taggart - (2021-2023)

    • Rebekah Chaffee - (2021-2023)

  • Young Adult Representatives (Grad to 25, 1 yr term)

    • Alexis Arie

    • Larry Ritterbeck III

    • T.J. Josey

  • Senior Youth Representatives (9-12 grades, 1 yr term)

    • Annabelle Daniels

    • Briley Daniels

  • Early Youth Representatives (7-8 grades, 1 yr term)

    • Lilliana Bittinger

    • Colton Walker