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Leadership Explosion

Leadership Explosion is January 28th at 2pm and it is also at Columbiana Church of the Nazarene.  This is our annual District NYI Meeting, this event is coupled with District BLAST.  Members of the Nazarene Church that are involved with NYI have the opportunity to vote on new council members and to hear the NYI President's report summarizing what our amazing East Ohio District has done in the last 12 months.  We also have the opportunity to see a few of the talents from BLAST during our meeting.  It's a great time to encourage our young people and to be encouraged by them.

The 2022 Leadership explosion was spectacular this year!  We are excited to share our East Ohio District NYI Honor Rating System Results with all of you. This helps all of our churches reflect over the year on where we can improve, continue building , supporting, charting new territory and helping together to build God's Kingdom for his GLORY!  We also are excited to share and our newly elected  District NYI Leadership Council, to help guide and encourage everyone one through years to come.

EO NYI Council Year May 2023 - 2024

  • President: Larry Ritterbeck (2 yr term 2022-2024)

  • Vice President: Miranda Music (2 yr term 2023-2025)

  • Members-at-Large (2 yr term)

    • Brian Daniels - (2022-2024)

    • Howard Harris - (2022-2024)

    • Brandon Moore - (2022-2024)

    • Alexis Arie - (2023-2025)

    • Jan Winnale - (2023-2025)

    • Stephany Weidlich - (2023-2025)

  • Young Adult Representatives (Grad to 25, 1 yr term)

    • T.J. Josey

    • Larry Ritterbeck III

    • Elliot Roose

  • Senior Youth Representatives (9-12 grades, 1 yr term)

    • Annabelle Daniels

    • Kate Thompson

  • Early Youth Representatives (7-8 grades, 1 yr term)

    • Talaysia Harris

    • Carter Thomspon

EO Delegates to General Assembly 2023

  • Ministerial Delegate: Brian Daniels

  • Lay Delegate: T.J. Josey

  • Youth Delegate: Tyler Maddux

Howard Harris
Brian Daniels
Brandon Moore
Vice President:
nda Music
Larry Ritterbeck
Alexis Arie
Jan Winnale
Stephany Weidlich
Elliot Roose
Larry Ritterbeck III
T.J. Josey
Annabelle Daniels
Kate Thompson
Talaysia Harris
Carter Thomspon
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