From the event coordinator:


After much prayer and careful consideration, the USA/Canada Nazarene Youth International Regional Council announced it will move forward with Nazarene Youth Conference 2023 from July 5 through 9 in Tampa Bay, Florida. The decision was approved by the Board of General Superintendents in consultation with the general secretary. 


“We recognize the challenges of hosting this regional event in light of the recent shift of General Assembly & Conventions to the summer of 2023,” said Justin Pickard, USA/Canada NYI coordinator. “However, there is strong consensus that staying with our original plan and honoring established contracts with the city and venues is the best decision. In addition, we believe we can leverage previous NYC momentum while capitalizing on the centennial year of Nazarene Youth International by joining the global NYI celebration throughout 2023.”


Nazarene Youth Conference is a quadrennial event that will bring together an estimated 10,000 high school students and youth leaders from across the USA/Canada Region for five days of worship services, service projects, and more. 

Additional details, including theme, speakers, and other details, will be released in the spring of 2021 through district NYI leadership and on the NYC social media pages.

NYC 2019

NYC is almost here!  We will be having an informational meeting on Saturday, May 18th at Canaan Acres Christian Camp at 4:00pm.  This meeting is for adults and teens attending NYC and parents of those teens, we encourage everyone to be there.  We will also be recording it for anyone who is unable to attend, we will post it on the East Ohio NYI facebook page.  We will be discussing travel, schedule, the missions project, and what to bring.


For more information go to https://www.eastohionyi.com/nyc2019      

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Josh Blinson at jblinson@cambridgefirstnaz.org


Even though this meeting will be held at the end of 1Mission, these are two separate events.  You do not have to participate in one in order to participate in the other.

Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) is a vibrant, life-changing youth event held every four years in different locations across the United States and Canada. High School students from all around North America belonging to the Church of the Nazarene gather together in a time of worship, teaching, and community outreach, united by a common belief in Jesus Christ.

About NYC:

  • A 4-day youth conference for high school students.

  • Ministry With Others service projects and community outreach have impact throughout the host city.

  • Featured speakers and creative artists from across the globe.

  • Amazing worship services led by world class worship team.

  • Live concerts featuring today’s most popular Christian recording artists.

  • Daily teachings that inspire, challenge and unite our students.

  • Access to resources students can take home with them after the event.

  • Multi-sensory experiences designed for group discipleship and creative learning.

  • Recreation Hall with tons of individual and group activities, games, and exhibits.


Love God. Love Others. Simple, but challenging. Sometimes described as two pillars of following Jesus, we will explore the connective nature of our relationship with God and others while learning what it means to live out His love in our world.

Matthew 22:37-4037 Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the greatest and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

Pastors, Youth Pastors, and Youth Leaders;

We appreciate your continued patience as we slowly gather more information for NYC2019 and continue to work our details. We have some updated information for you on registration that we think will help to get us the information that we need in a timely manner but will also allow you plenty of time in which to gather registration deposits for students and adults.

  • We are asking that as soon as you can send in the registration information sheet for the adults and students from your church that are going to NYC. This helps us in a couple of ways, it helps us to get a count on the number of students and adults that are planning on going which helps us as we continue to make plans and work out details. It also gives us the information that we are going to need in order to reserve flights once they open up. This keeps us from having to scramble last minute to get all the information in. It is VERY IMPORTANT though that you make sure the information is legible and correct. This form can either be mailed or emailed in. No payment needs to be sent in with this form. This also allows us to have contact information we need to communicate directly with parents and leaders to get you updates more quickly as they become available.


  • The Registration site is set to go live on July 1st. Anyone who has submitted their registration and deposit at that time will begin to receive their registration links that week. Please make sure that parents know if they have multiple children going they will receive a separate link for each child. Anyone who has submitted information but has not submitted a deposit will not be emailed a link until the deposit has been paid.


  • August 1st is the deadline for all the registration deposits to be paid. We are being told flights should hopefully open up in August and we need to be prepared to give information and pay a flight deposit for each ticket we need. When you send in the registration deposits we are asking that you mail in one check from your church made out to East Ohio NYI and include with it a payment form to help us track who all has paid. We are also asking that you send in the payment form with each check that you mail as you make monthly payments to help us track more easily.


  • We are including the payment schedule again in this form. However, please use the registration information form and payment form included in this packet instead of the one before. We have changed the way we are collecting information and so the forms have been changed to reflect that.


  • Please do not hesitate to ask ANY questions! We will continue to post updates as we receive more information. We hope that you are as excited about this life-changing event as we are!!



What does the payment plan look like? Please understand that this is a TENTATIVE payment schedule and is subject to change as we get more firm prices. This will however give you an idea of how much you will need to be sending in and when.






Registration Deposit

August 1, 2018 $150

September 8, 2018 $150

October 8, 2018 $150

November 8, 2018 $150

December 8, 2018 $150

January 8, 2019 $150

February 8, 2019 $150

March 8, 2019 $150

April 8, 2019 $150

May 8, 2019 $200

Total $1550


Please note that all payment due dates are postage marked dates, these are the dates you need to have your check in the mail with a payment form. If for any reason you are unable to make a payment date please let me know ASAP.

Josh Blinson, EO NYC Coordinator

Phone: 775-336-9833 

Email: jblinson@cambridgefirstnaz.org



How many adults can we send? As a district we are required to keep a 1:8 sponsor to student ratio. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm adults have for wanting to be involved in this trip we cannot get to the point where there are too many adults. Please understand this trip is for the teens and we reserve the right to limit the adults attending.


What does the registration process look like? There are no physical papers to fill out for registration this year, everything is done online.

  • First, fill out the Registration Request form with information for each student and adult and send that along with one check made out to East Ohio NYI for the deposit. This can be done as soon as possible. I will compile a list and send out the registration links as soon as the site goes live.

  • For students, their parents will then receive a registration invitation to their email. Please make sure that they know to expect it so they don’t miss it. They will click on the link in the email and be taken to the registration site.

  • They will need to make a family account and from there register their student. If there are multiple students from the same family they will get a link for each student. They must follow each link but once a family account is made they will log into that account to add student info.

  • There are 3 sections that need to be filled out and complete; health form, additional questions, and terms and conditions. A parent or guardian must fill out and digitally sign for each student, even if the student is 18 or older.

  • The process is the same for adult sponsors as students, they will receive a link in an email to follow in order to register.

  • If for some reason someone does not receive a registration invitation after sending in the deposit and registration request, please let me know asap so we can check to make sure the email is right and resend a link.

  • Also, please make sure all sponsors and parents know that we are on the East Central Field and  the East Ohio district. This will be asked and it is very important that it is entered correctly.

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